About the artist

The work of the contemporary artist Christina Chow is an in-depth exploration of spirituality and human connectivity.

For her, spirituality is inclusive and is not limited to any religious or political affiliation. It has to do with the perception of mystery, of forms and structure of nature and the universe.

Her background is complex and multicultural. She was born in Taiwan, grew up mostly in South America, and received art education in Buenos Aires, Bogota, New York, London and Berlin. After living and working in New York for decades, she now resides both in Florida and the Colombian rural area of Villa de Leyva.

She dominates several languages and has used these languages as symbols and formal archetypes in her work. As a journalist, poet, teacher and fiction writer, she has also developed a distinct vision on issues of happiness, dreams and reality and a universal approach to human connectivity.

She has made art in many different forms, both figurative and abstract, including sculpture, printmaking, performance, installation, and now her focus is on painting and work on paper.

Her work has been exhibited in Asia, Europe, South America, and the United States and forms part of personal collections all over the world.